Federico Fellini | 1963 
138 mins | Italy/France | PG 

A troubled Italian filmmaker struggles with “director’s block” and retreats into his thoughts, often wandering into fantastical territory.

17 FEB


Kogonada | 2017 | 104 mins  
USA | M 

Jin is stranded in Columbus, Indiana and finds friendship with a young librarian who shares his passion for city's modernist architecture.

24 FEB




Strange Days
Kathryn Bigelow | 1995
145 mins | USA | R18  

In the last days of 1999, a former LAPD detective is now a dealer in illegal recordings of other people’s memories and sensations.

02 MAR


Yōjirō Takita | 2008 
130 mins | Japan | M 

An unemployed cellist moves back to his old home town and takes a job as a nōkanshi – a traditional Japanese ritual mortician.

09 MAR

Sparking Joy



Let the Sunshine In
Claire Denis | 2017 | 94 mins
France | R13 

Isabelle (Juliette Binoche) is a divorced Parisian painter searching for another shot at love, and pleasure along the way.

16 MAR

Sparking Joy

Joanna Hogg | 2013 
104 mins | UK | M  

An intimate portrait of an artist couple framed within the glass walls of their modernist London townhouse.

23 MAR


Sally Potter | 1992 | 94 mins

Orlando is given immortality by Queen Elizabeth I and experiences different lives and relationships through the centuries – even changing sex.

30 MAR

Tilda Swinton



No screenings on 13 April Easter Monday or 27 April Anzac Day.

Only Lovers Left Alive
Jim Jarmusch | 2013 
123 mins | UK/Germany | M  

Adam and Eve are elegant vampires – partners since the beginning of time – reunited in the decayed splendour of Detroit.

06 APR

Tilda Swinton

I Am Love
Luca Guadagnino | 2009 
120 mins | Italy | M

In a rich and powerful Milanese family, Emma is a respected wife and mother who falls for a handsome young chef.

20 APR

Tilda Swinton



In the Aisles
Thomas Stuber | 2018 
126 mins | Germany | M    

Among the long aisles of a supermarket warehouse, the new night stockman falls in love with mysterious co-worker “Sweets Marion”.

04 MAY

Sparking Joy


Queer Film Festival

In collaboration with Christchurch Heroes, this mini festival is an open event over four days with free entry to all screenings (koha/donations always appreciated). 


Please note that, as always, censorship ratings apply to all screenings.




The Miseducation of Cameron Post
Desiree Akhavan | 2018 
90 mins | USA | M  

In 1993, a teenage girl is forced into a gay conversion therapy centre by her conservative guardians.

MONDAY 11 MAY 7.30pm


Hedwig and the Angry Inch
John Cameron Mitchell
2001 | 92 mins | USA | M 

A transgender punk-rock girl from East Berlin tours the U.S. with her band as she tells her life story and follows the former lover/band-mate who stole her songs.

TUESDAY 12 MAY 7.30pm


Leitis in Waiting
Hamer, Wilson, Wong-Kalu 2018 | 72 mins | Tonga/USA | E  

An intrepid group of indigenous transgender women fight a rising tide of religious fundamentalism and intolerance in Tonga.



Yann Gonzalez | 2018 | 102 mins 
France/Mexico/Switzerland | R18

In the summer of 1979, gay porn producer Anne sets out to film her most ambitious film yet, but her actors are picked off, one by one, by a mysterious killer.

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
Fred Schepisi | 1978
108 mins | Australia | R18

Beaten down by racist abuse and exploitation, Jimmie is triggered to a terrifying murderous rage.

18 MAY


The Seduction of Mimi
Lina Wertmüller | 1972
108 mins | Italy | R18

Sicilian labourer Mimi falls foul of the Mafia and loses his job. He leaves his wife to flee to Turin and an affair with a lovely Trotskyist.

25 MAY




No screening on Monday 1 June Queen's Birthday.

And Life Goes On...
Abbas Kiarostami | 1992 
91 mins | Iran | PG  

After the 1990 earthquake, a film director travels to the devastated area searching for the villagers who acted in Where Is the Friend’s Home?

08 JUN


Through the Olive Trees
Abbas Kiarostami | 1994 
108 mins | Iran | G  

“Behind-the-scenes” of And Life Goes On…, one of the actors is pining for the woman cast as his wife, creating turmoil on set.

15 JUN


Certain Women
Kelly Reichardt | 2016
107 mins | USA | M  

Three strong-willed women strive to forge their own paths amid the wide plains of Montana.

22 JUN


Tehran Taxi
Jafar Panahi | 2015 | 82 mins  
Iran | PG 

Banned from filmmaking by the Iranian government, Jafar Panahi poses as a taxi driver to make a film about social challenges in Iran. 

29 JUN



Ixcanul Volcano
Jayro Bustamante | 2015
95 mins | Guatemala/FR | M 

On the slopes of an active volcano in Guatemala, a marriage is arranged for seventeen-year-old María by her Kaqchikel parents.

06 JUL

Young Lives

I Am Not a Witch
Rungano Nyoni | 2017
95 mins | Zambia/UK | PG   

Convicted of witchcraft, 8-year-old Shula is sent to a penal colony where witches do hard labour in service of the government.

13 JUL

Young Lives

The Florida Project
Sean Baker | 2017 | 111 mins  
USA | R13   

Six-year-old Moonee and her friends adventure round the hallways of the Magic Castle, a ratty motel in the shadow of Disney World.

20 JUL

Young Lives

Woman at War
Benedikt Erlingsson | 2018

100 mins | Iceland | PG 

Halla is an Icelandic superwoman in a woolly jumper – but how much longer can she hide her eco-warrior activities?

27 JUL

Sparking Joy


God's Own Country
Francis Lee | 2017 | 105 mins
UK | R16 

Johnny's isolated life on a bleak Yorkshire farm is transformed with the arrival of a handsome migrant worker.

03 AUG


NZ International Film Festival
No CFS screenings for 3 weeks.

Please join us for our Film Quiz on Saturday 22 August. 

06–24 AUG

CFS Film Quiz

Tūranga ASB room

More details to come.

Sat 22 AUG

Masculin Féminin
Jean-Luc Godard | 1966  
110 mins | France/SE | R16   

Paul, an idealistic would-be intellectual, and Madeleine, an adorable pop star, are “the children of Marx and Coca-Cola” in 1960s Paris.

31 AUG



Daughters of the Dust
Julie Dash | 1991 | 112 mins  

USA | PG  

A Gullah family (descendants of West African slaves) struggle to maintain their cultural heritage while contemplating a migration.

07 SEP


Skate Kitchen
Crystal Moselle | 2018
106 mins | USA | M 

Camille's life as a lonely suburban teenager changes when she befriends a group of girl skateboarders in New York City.

14 SEP

Young Lives

Human Rights Film Festival

In collaboration with Amnesty International, this mini festival is an open event over four days with free entry to all screenings (koha/donations always appreciated). 


Please note that, as always, censorship ratings apply to all screenings.




Letter from Masanjia
Leon Lee | 2018 | 75 mins  

Canada | E

When a letter written by a Chinese political prisoner is found in a box of goods sold in Oregon, it sparks a chain of events that exposes human rights violations in the Chinese labour camp system.

MONDAY 21 SEP 7.30pm


Soldiers without Guns
Will Watson | 2019 | 92 mins

New Zealand | M 

In 1997 the NZ army stepped into a 10 year civil war in Bougainville, armed only with guitars.

TUESDAY 22 SEP 7.30pm


Last Men in Aleppo
Feras Fayyad | 2017 | 104 mins Denmark/Syria | TBC

Follows members of the White Helmets – ordinary citizens who rush towards explosions to save lives in the Syrian civil war.



Molly Stuart | 2019 | 75 mins  

In 6 months, 19-year-old Atalya must either accept her mandatory Israeli army assignment or face prison.
Preceeded by documentary short Guy Hircefeld, a Guy with a Camera (Andrés Gallegos | 2018 | 12 mins)

3 Days in Quiberon
Emily Atef | 2018 | 115 mins
Germany/Austria/France | PG     

One year before her death, famous actress Romy Schneider retreats to a spa hotel and gives her last interview to two journalists.

28 SEP




Joe Penna | 2018 | 97 mins Iceland/USA | M   

Stranded after an airplane crash, a pilot has to choose whether to stay in a makeshift camp or risk a trek across the tundra.

05 OCT

Ice Night

Ice Night Double Feature

A Polar Year
Samuel Collardey | 2018  
94 mins | France | PG

Drama-documentary about a young Danish teacher experience adapting to life in a small fishing village in Greenland.

05 OCT 7pm

Ice Night

The Babadook
Jennifer Kent | 2014| 96 mins Australia | M 

Amelia is struggling as a single mum, but things are about to get darker when her son finds a strange book called Mister Babadook

12 OCT


Fritz Lang | 1927 | 153 mins  
Germany | PG 

In a futuristic city sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, a forbidden love threatens to bring chaos.

19 OCT


All screenings Mondays at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.
Doors open 7pm for chat and the sale of food, drink and new memberships.


Most screenings are members only – please come early to join on the night.

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Censorship ratings apply to all screenings.