FAQ June 2020 (Alert Level 2)

Why are we at the Isaac Theatre Royal instead of the Art Gallery?

We’re very grateful to the Isaac Theatre Royal (ITR) for opening its doors for us during the restrictions of the Covid Level 2 period. The Art Gallery is our much-loved home, but the Philip Carter Family Auditorium will only allow us spaced seating for only fifty of our members at any one time. This would also require us to organise ticketing and for you to pre-book seats, a complexity we’re keen to avoid. The Dress Circle at the ITR offers us generous spaced seating for up to 100 people.

How will things be done during Level 2?

Our life at ITR during June will be business-pretty-much-as-normal. You can turn up and bring a friend if you want to use your free friend ‘click’ and you can come along as a new member. If you’re new, you must pay beforehand online (or pay via your banking app on the night). To reduce contact and maintain recommended distancing, there will be no Film Society Eftpos available while we’re at ITR.

- For those who still wish to come along to pre-film socialising, this will be upstairs around the bar area outside the Dress Circle. There are a number of nice bars and cafes in Gloucester and New Regent Street suitable if you wish to have dinner beforehand.

- Our Committee will be abiding by Covid Level 2 guidelines:

a. a list will be made of all those attending

b. a photo taken before the film to confirm where everyone is seating.

c. guests/new members will need to give their name and contact details.

d. there will be Committee downstairs and at all doors to explain what to do.

e. queues will be kept at 2m distance

f. our doors will be open half an hour only before each screening. Do not come earlier. Please socialise within your bubbles of friends and family.

Memberships disrupted by COVID-19 lockdown

Memberships have been disrupted by COVID-19 and as a gesture of goodwill we’ve decided to extend all memberships by three months. This includes half-year and all forms of full-year membership. It does not include 3-film Flexi-Passes.