Season Suspension FAQ

What will happen to films that are suspended?

Our programmer Michael McDonnell has advised that in the event of suspended screenings, he will talk to distributors and ask to have screenings rescheduled, and where this is not possible to receive a credit for the screening. Our distributors are also hurting at this time so we want to do what we can to support them too. We’ll look to shift any unscreened films into the 2021 programme.

When will screenings be resumed?

We seek to resume our season as soon as it is safe to do so. We really appreciate the feedback we have had from members with a strong message of the need to have safety measures which protect all of our community but also a desire to resume screening as soon as it’s appropriate. Some of the criteria and questions that we’ll be considering ourselves before resuming the season are:

  • What is the demographic of our full membership?
  • Are there vulnerable populations who will be unable to attend due to health concerns? 50% of our current full membership is 60+.
  • What guidelines have been provided by the Ministry of Health?
  • Can we adhere to the strictest interpretation of any public health guidelines to ensure the safety of our members?
  • How many members will be able to attend screenings?
  • Is this fair to the members who are unable to attend due to reasons outside of their control?
  • Are there other ways to engage with our members to fulfill what everyone enjoys most about our screenings until everyone can attend?
  • What do our members think? Is there anything we’ve overlooked?

What kind of financial impact will this have on the film society?

The Canterbury Film Society is in strong financial health, and we have built up financial reserves for occasions such as this. Our treasurer, Richard Penny has advised that we have enough reserves to cope with whatever happens. Furthermore, the New Zealand Federation of Film Societies (NZFFS) is also in strong financial standing, and has provided assurances that they will extend financial support to any societies who require it.

If there's no screenings, does this mean we won’t hear from you for a while?

Although our film season is suspended until further notice, we’ll still be keeping in touch with you. Currently we’re working in conjunction with other film societies and the NZFFS to discuss how to keep everyone engaged in film while we can’t come together for screenings. We’ll provide more updates on this as it develops.