Covid-19 Alert Levels and implications for the 2021 Film Society:

  1. At ALL alert levels, we require members and visitors to scan in using the NZ COVID tracer app upon entering the venue, or sign in using the physical register.

  2. Use of face masks or appropriate face coverings are encouraged whilst in the theatre. Hand sanitizer is provided.

  3. If you’re feeling unwell or have compromised health, please stay home.



Alert level 1:

Attendees will be encouraged to observe social distancing rules, and to space out in the theatre where possible.



Alert level 2:

Attendance will be strictly capped at 100 people. This cap may be reduced to ensure that different “bubbles” can be safely socially distanced within the theatre.


Attendees will be required to keep a 2m distance within the foyer and to socialize within their bubbles, and to maintain a minimum 1m distance between bubbles while in the theatre.



Alert Levels 3 and 4:

All screenings will be suspended until a return to level 2 or level 1. 


Where practical, we will extend the expiry date of all memberships by the length of the season suspension.  We will also endeavour to reschedule any films that are affected.